Masha Products fuse a unique cultural references from Qatar and the Middle East and make unique scents that merge French with Arab scents.

Masha emphasizes its deep roots in the Qatari culture from the fragrance essences, names of the fragrances till the packaging.

Masha brand will focus on fragrances with a blend of the deepest Arabian traditions, presented in a modern, trendy package, bringing together the best of both traditional and modern niche scents

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Distinguished fragrance rich with originality and ancient tradition’s


It wasn’t easy for me to accept a new fragrance after 7 years using my preferred perfume, once i test Rahal perfume, it was really amazing discovery for me. Thanks a lot for Masha

Ahmed Bensalah

Unique smell of Bokhour , can’t describe it !

Abdullah Bu Einein

I remember once i visit your booth on exhibition, it was really a good start for me to use your great perfumes

Yousef Al Hammady